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XAO::DO::Catalogs - XAO catalog exchange module


 xao-ifilter-sample --debug sample_site sample.xml
 xao-import-map --debug sample_site sample

XAO Catalogs is a Perl module that supports integrating multiple manufacturers' catalogs into a single products database. This can be used for eCommerce sites, data integration projects, and search and comparison engines.


XAO::DO::Catalogs contains only minor utility methods, all real functionality is in ImportMap::Base and specific import maps based on it.

build_structure ()
Builds supporting structure in the database. Does not destroy existing data -- safe to call on already populated database.

Usually should be called in Config.pm's build_structure() method.

data_structure ()
Returns a reference to a hash that describes database structure. Usually you would add it to your database description in Config.pm:

 my $cobj=XAO::Objects->new(objname => 'Catalogs');

 my %structure=(
     MyData => {


     MyOtherData => {
If that looks ugly (it is ugly) then look at the build_structure() method description instead.


Copyright © 2005 Andrew Maltsev

Copyright © 2001-2004 Andrew Maltsev, XAO Inc.

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Recommended reading: XAO::DO::ImportMap::Base, XAO::Objects, XAO::Web, XAO::Commerce.

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