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Web Sites Built using XAO Suite

This site and all other current Ejelta's projects are built using exclusively XAO Suite. Some sites span multiple physical web front end machines running behind a load balancer, some include extensive scripts running asynchronously (pricing and library spidering on ISBNdb.com for instance).

Here is a partial list ordered alphabetically by domain name (last update 1/24/2005). Feel free to contact us if your site uses XAO Suite and you want to be linked to from this page.

http://canadawide.ca/ -- Canadawide Scientific
Canadawide Scientific is one of the few 100% Canadian owned companies selling instruments, supplies and chemicals to the scientific community across Canada.

http://ISBNdb.com/ -- ISBN Database Project
Book search and price comparison engine taking data from hundreds of libraries worldwide. This is probably the biggest site built on XAO at the moment. ISBNdb.com serves multiple hits per second 24 hours a day with the database totalling over 60,000,000 records that continuously gets extended and updated.

http://rshughes.com/ -- R.S.Hughes Industrial Distributor
R.S.Hughes is a large distributor of industrial supplies with more than 100,000 products for sale from their pool of 36 warehouses all across North America.

http://whereto.org/ -- Destinations Directory
An effort to build a community driven directory of the physical world. If it has a geographic coordinate -- the project has a place reserved for it (in development now).

http://xaosearch.com/ -- Products Shopping Engine
A spinoff from the company that gave the name to XAO Suite and funded its development for a couple of years xaosearch.com provides descriptions and shopping comparison for a wide variety of products.

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