Web Projects

Tire Size Calculator
About to change tires in your car? This calculator will allow you to see what other sizes are available as a replacement — even without changing your wheels. Made in just about an hour or so, this calculator gained quite some popularity.
Brain Screw Game
Know a foreign language? Don't try to hide it, we can detect.
The game is easy to try, but hard to get a good score in (and harder yet for bilingual people). Works in modern desktop and mobile browsers.
ISBNdb.com — ISBN database, library spider, and search engine
ISBNdb.com queries libraries all across the world for books, parses results and presents them on the web. You can search by words in title as well as by ISBN. You can search for publishers, authors and browse books using variety of criteria. Original MARC records for each book are also available for download. A remote access API is widely used to power everything from iPhone apps to physical bookstores to church libraries.
Acquired by Price Network Inc. in 2010
WhereTo.org — local destinations service (discontinued)
WhereTo.org is a social site aiming at creating a database of local travel destinations — daytrips, hiking trails, beaches, etc. Everybody can participate, edit places, tag them, get recommendations.
NewsAttic.com — headlines archive (discontinued)
The headlines archive allows to look at a snapshot of what the Internet was talking about at a given time or on a given theme — whether for research or just for fun. Ever wondered what was on the internet on a specific date? This is the place to check.