Core Packages

Web site engine that works in PSGI, CGI, and Apache/mod_perl environments. Provides an easily extendable template processing, database access, API routing, form processing, formatting, etc. To get an idea of what XAO::Web code looks like, take a look at a page that shows its own source.
Database layer that completely hides underlying SQL database syntax yet provides efficient storage, search and retrieval capabilities. As an example, XAO::FS provides access to tens of millions of game score records for Android Slitherlink Puzzle and powers the ecommerce engine of R.S.Hughes.
A set of utility modules used by all other parts of the suite.

Obsolete/Unsupported Packages

An example of a working e-commerce website written using XAO Suite. Includes everything from code to sample products database and images.
Image batch conversion, clean up, and scaling.
XAO::FS based full text indexing for fast searching of a variety of data. Supports ignored words, words in sequence and can actually index any data -- depending on specific plug-in modules that are required for each index.
"Native" MySQL driver for XAO::FS that does not use DBI/DBD interface but links directly to MySQL C API instead.
Parses and converts Perl's POD formatted documents and source files for Web display.
Content management system for pages that appear static to web site viewers. Supports versioning, previewing, simultaneous and individual publishing, etc. Stores the actual content in a XAO::FS powered database.
Catalogs conversion system designed to merge together multiple vendor catalogs into a single product database (including product name and category path mapping).