Slitherlink is a puzzle game where you uncover a hidden closed loop by following numeric clues. There is always exactly one solution and it is possible to find that solution logically, without guessing.

Goal & Rules

Your goal is to draw a single loop that does not cross itself or branch. Number clues indicate exactly how many sides of a cell the loop must go through. Cells without numbers can be surrounded by any number of lines, including none at all.

There is only one unique solution to each puzzle. It is possible to find that solution logically, without guessing.

The Difference

The original Slitherlink puzzles were published by Nikoli Co., Ltd. in Japan. That original game was played on paper and only on a square grid.

This Android Slitherlink puzzle adds various non-square grids and a number of other improvements that make the game more enjoyable: colored lines, colored clues, parity shading, etc.

Solving Slitherlink puzzles is often about noticing patterns on the grid. It is more fun to discover these patterns for yourself, but if you are impatient you can sneak a peek at the Slitherlink Wikipedia page that explains common Square grid patterns.


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The puzzle generation code is based on Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection — check it out for many other puzzles playable in browser and as desktop apps.