Android Slitherlink Privacy Policy


Android Slitherlink is not collecting any personally identifiable information.


Submitted Scores
As you complete game levels your scores are sent to our game server. The scores are anonymous, they do not include your email or any other identifiable information.
IP Address
The game downloads level data and submits scores to an internet server. In the course of that action your device IP address will necessarily become visible to the server. The IP address by itself does not identify you. The internet game server that has access to the IP address is configured following the industry standard security practices. The access logs are not shared with third parties (unless required to do so by law).
The game uses Google Analytics to make it easier to improve the game experience and to address possible issues. Google Analytics data does not personally identify you. We are only able to look at aggregate statistics.

Contact Details:

Android Slitherlink is developed and supported by Ejelta LLC located in California, USA. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us at