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XAO Suite is a set of perl modules created primarily for building dynamic, database driven web sites. It includes object oriented database layer that completely hides SQL yet is still efficient enough; web templating language strongly separating code and templates; indexing software for quick full-text searches; etc -- see specific modules descriptions for details.

XAO Suite has been in active development since 2000 (and is actually based partially on even earlier code, as detailed on the credits page. Practically right from the beginning the suite was not only developed, but actually used to deploy web sites -- that means that the code is sufficiently stable.


  • Perl language
  • A database; the primary distribution you can get here includes drivers for MySQL (both native and DBI/DBD based).
  • Most probably a web server is also required; we do all our development and testing using Apache web server
  • For high performance the use of mod_perl is highely recommended (altough not required in development -- the same exact code can work with and without mod_perl).
  • Some standard perl packages available from CPAN (listed during installation), such as CGI, Error, Test::Unit, MIME::Lite, Digest::MD5, etc.
  • The XAO Suite has only been tested on Linux (with some limited testing on AIX and FreeBSD). It may or may not work on other systems -- please let us know if you are using XAO on other platforms.

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