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Android Games: Slitherlink

Slitherlink is a game originally published by Nikoli Co., Ltd. in Japan. This is an Android implementation of Slitherlink adding multiple grid layouts, colored lines, colored clues, and other improvements that make the game more enjoyable.

Goal & Rules

Rules of Slitherlink are very simple: Your goal is to draw a single loop that does not cross itself or branch. Number clues indicate exactly how many sides of the cell the loop must go through. Cells without numbers may be surrounded by any number of lines, including none at all.

There is only one unique solution to each puzzle. It is possible to find that solution logically, without guessing.

Does not make sense yet? Don't worry, the game offers a tutorial.

Several grid types are available:

  • Honeycomb - suitable for beginners, generally easier to solve than the square grid (unless you are already used to squares and memorized some of its many helpful patterns). Each face on the Honeycomb grid is a hexagon and each corner joins three edges.
  • Square - the classic layout, published by Nikoli. The grid consists of squares - each face has four sides and each corner joins four edges.
  • Cairo - made of 5-sided faces, pentagons, joining in 3- and 4-valent corners.
  • Kites - most challenging grid released so far. Consists of four-sided kite-shaped faces with each corner joining 3, 4, or 6 edges. This variable "valency" of corners is what throws off some of the patterns and what makes puzzles using this grid harder to solve.

Solving Slitherlink is often about noticing patterns on the grid. All patterns can be deduced logically, but over time you will notice them as they are, without having to logically think about what forms them. It is more fun to discover these patterns for yourself, but if you are impatient you can sneak a peek at the Slitherlink Wikipedia page that explains common Square grid patterns.

Have fun!

Game Variants

There are two variants of Slitherlink for Android:

  • Full - only $2.99US for a game that has unlimited supply of high quality levels in four sizes of each grid type, three difficulty levels each.
  • Free - a version that is free, but displays advertisements that pay for it. It has all the same features as the full version, but is limited to 50 levels in each of its settings. If you are ready to look at ads this may be a good starting point.

Search for these games on the market or use the QR-codes in the upper-right corner (point your phone's Barcode Scanner at them to jump straight to their market page).

The game is still in active development, we publish updates with improvements and new features about once every two weeks.

Thank you!

Translation Help

We would like Slitherlink for Android to speak your language. If you can help us with translation please drop us a line. You would not need to know any programming language, all language specific information is in a pretty simple text file. If you don't want to translate but would still like to help - please still let us know. You may help with verification of what others translated already.

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